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MadArt’s Mission is to support artists in our community, bring art into our lives in unexpected ways, and create community involvement in the arts.

About MadArt

MadArt is a contemporary art organization that serves as a catalyst for creating new large-scale, site-specific works by providing artists with opportunity and support. Started in 2009, MadArt’s initial programming was nomadic and took place in a variety of non-traditional spaces. These included houses slated for demolition, business storefronts, public parks, and The University of Washington campus. By exhibiting in these places, MadArt not only created a forum for the community to connect with contemporary art outside of traditional viewing spaces, but also established rich community partnerships.

In 2014, MadArt moved into MadArt Studio, an architecturally distinct masonry-and-wood build from the 1920s, redesigned by Seattle-based Graham Baba Architects. The impetus for creating a physical space for site-specific exhibition was to further engage public audiences by exposing the installation and making processes of selected artists and to challenge artists to expand on their practices. By remaining free and open to the public during all phases of construction, visitors have an opportunity to engage directly with the artists and their developing work.

The MadArt Team

  • Photo by James Harnois

    Alison Wyckoff Milliman, Founder

    Alison Milliman is an art historian, creative entrepreneur and philanthropist who grew up in Seattle, WA. As a young adult she had the opportunity to travel extensively which fostered her curiosity in the many forms of public art. Milliman became a certified antique appraiser, fascinated both in the how an object was made, as well as why it was made. She first conceived of MadArt while living abroad in Melbourne, Australia, following a desire to rethink how and where we view art in our communities. She received her BA in Art History from the University of Washington and later studied at Christie’s in London, UK.

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    Photo by James Harnois

    Emily Kelly, Director

    Emily Kelly joined the MadArt team in June 2017 from her native Texas. With a background in arts administration and community-based arts education, Kelly is interested in the dynamic ways contemporary art can act as a catalyst for community development and social engagement. Having held leadership positions in a variety of arts organizations, ranging from alternative artist run spaces to university art institutions, Kelly brings comprehensive experience to her role as MadArt Director. She holds a BS in Marketing and Fine Arts from the University of New Orleans and an MA in Art Education with a specialized portfolio in Art and Cultural Management and Entrepreneurship from The University of Texas at Austin.

  • Photo by Tim Detweiler

    Katie Wood, Studio Manager

    Katie Wood arrived at MadArt in 2014, just before the opening of MadArt Studio. Raised in Seattle, she graduated from Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania with a degree in Cultural Anthropology. Wood’s professional journey lead her through the diverse fields of mobile advertising, performing arts, and art consulting, emerging with strong interests in office management, event planning, and communications. These skills support her in successfully managing the details that go into making MadArt Studio a unique private event venue in the heart of Seattle. In Wood’s role at MadArt, she also enjoys being able to support both artists and the community by facilitating the creation of new art installations which are always accessible to the public.


  • harnois_charlotte

    Photo by James Harnois

    Charlotte Hoerber, Communications Coordinator

    Charlotte Hoerber came to MadArt fresh off a move to Seattle from California. She holds a BA in Linguistics and Art History from the University of California, Berkeley, where she also received a special commendation for her work in South Asian art and languages, studying for a term in New Delhi. After graduation, Hoerber worked in various job sectors across the US, including the Admissions and Memberships departments at the Seattle Art Museum, before settling into the world of art and art administration through her role at MadArt. She sees her role at the studio as a unique opportunity to communicate directly with the public through their experience of large-scale art.