Friday, June 7

June 8 – July 13
Wednesday & Saturday, 12 – 5pm
Thursday & Friday, 12 – 7pm

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MadArt’s final exhibition is both a celebration and poignant tribute to the 15-year evolution and legacy of the organization and its dedication to fostering artistic expansion and generation. For this momentous group show, all 84 past MadArt artists were invited to propose works that referenced, extended, or resonated with their original MadArt creations. As a collective showcase featuring 50 works by 55 artists, MAD STUDIO is uniquely situated at MadArt Studio, incorporating areas normally unseen by visitors to develop a narrative that acknowledges the progression of the space and its community. From two-dimensional pieces to standalone sculptures and interactive site-specific installations, the exhibition utilizes spaces such as the mezzanine office and kitchen to create an immersive, art-filled landscape that reflects the indelible artists that have marked MadArt’s history.  

Beyond the physical studio, MadArt is an idea: a catalyst for creative expansion and a locus of connection between artists and community. Born from the desire to support emerging artists in  their careers while providing the public with the unique opportunity to discover art in all stages of creation, MadArt has continually demystified the creative process and provided artists with an opportunity to think differently about their work in a public context. MadArt’s exhibitions began in 2009 with nomadic group shows situated in unexpected public spaces, such as Madison Park commercial storefront windows and Capitol Hill craftsman homes slated for demolition, growing to encompass dozens of site-specific installations built in and around the architecture of its urban studio. In this spirit, the organization’s programming has evolved over the years to comprise national and international artists, targeted opportunities for artists that have been historically marginalized, and ongoing partnerships with local educational and cultural institutions.

In MAD STUDIO, MadArt’s original group show format meets present day programming within the dynamic and experimental walls of the South Lake Union studio. Visitors enter into a menagerie of elements borrowed from previous MadArt exhibitions, alongside forays into completely new media, processes, and aesthetics by this remarkable selection of past artists. Monumental artworks made of intricately carved wood share the stage with delicate hand-cut paper forms and ethereal fiber works. Sculptures of glass, neon, ceramic, bronze, and dichroic film punctuate the space, while the walls host a colorful collection of paintings and interactive audiovisual works.

This retrospective exhibition is a celebration of artists and ingenuity. It pays homage to the past but also looks forward, contemplating what will come after in the perpetual evolution of art, place, and community.


Participating artists:

Jite Agbro, Julie Alpert, Rick Araluce, Nikita Ares, Andy Arkley, Courtney Barnebey, Gala Bent, Zack Bent, Claire Cowie & Leo Berk, Evan Blackwell, Clayton Binkley, Julia Chamberlain, Nate Clark, Dream the Combine, Casey Curran, Nichole DeMent, Mario Layne Fabrizio, Tory Franklin, Julia Freeman, Seth Friedman, Gail Grinnell, Troy Gua, Julia Haack, Meg Hartwig, Ben Hirschkoff, Henry Jackson-Spieker, Sara Jimenez, Beili Liu, Peter Lynch, Amanda Manitach, Cameron Anne Mason, Ian McMahon, Amie McNeel, Katie Miller, Taiji Miyasaka, Ryan Molenkamp, Saya Moriyasu, Piper O’Neill, Maja Petric, Alyson Piskorowski, Stephen Rock, George Rodriguez, Alison Stigora, SuttonBeresCuller, Maki Tamura, W. Scott Trimble, Molly Vaughan, Allyce Wood, Marela Zacarías, Ellen Ziegler, Mark Zirpel


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