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MadArt is a contemporary arts organization located in Seattle, WA. We serve as a catalyst for making new installation-based works by supporting artists and encouraging them to experiment with materials and ideas that expand their professional practices. At MadArt Studio, we invite visitors to engage in conversation with working artists around the creative process, while remaining free and open to the public during all stages of exhibition development.



325 Westlake Ave N, #101
Seattle, WA 98109

Current Hours

Tues-Sat — 12-5pm
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During and between exhibitions, we host events from 10-300 guests. Allow us to make your next meeting, dinner, or celebration a memorable one.

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MadArt Founder Alison Milliman steps down as Director + Curator Emily Kelly shifts into leadership role

After 15 years of visionary leadership, MadArt Founder Alison Milliman is stepping away from her position at the institution’s helm to focus on other endeavors. In her departure, Emily Kelly, MadArt Director + Curator since 2017, will transition into having full strategic and creative oversight of the organization’s operations and programming.


Milliman’s founding vision for MadArt was simple: to support emerging artists in making new work that promotes the expansion of their professional practice. This provided a foundation for experimentation, innovation, and unlikely collaborations that have defined MadArt over the last decade. Throughout her tenure, Milliman has stayed true to this vision, shepherding the organization into a nationally recognized contemporary art space that has directly supported over 75 artists through the commissioning of new and compelling works. Her impact on the region’s creative community and beyond is immeasurable. Emily Kelly and the MadArt team will continue to honor Milliman’s intentions while broadening programming and cultural partnerships to reflect the ever-evolving pulse of the arts community. Since joining the team in 2017, Kelly has brought wisdom and creative vision to the studio. Working closely with artists, visitors, and staff, she has curated nationally acclaimed exhibitions, grown the studio’s audience, and expanded MadArt’s educational outreach by inviting schools and students to use the studio as a learning tool and curricular resource. Kelly sees this transition as a catalyst for continual growth throughout the organization and is honored by the opportunity to lead MadArt into this next phase.


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South Lake Union’s spacious MadArt is being taken over by two artists, the Seattle-based art couple Leo Berk and Claire Cowie, who expand on their domestic partnership through Niche Audience, an interactive exploration of shelter and isolation. This is their first large-scale collaboration, composed of mysterious architectural portals and curious humanoid figures, all created from recycled scraps (open studio until Oct. 13, exhibit runs Oct. 15 – Nov. 20).

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