Zack Bent

Born in Sunnyvale, California, Zack Bent considers rural Indiana his formative homeland. Seattle, Washington has become his adopted home where he lives with his wife and collaborator, Gala, as well as their three children. Bent’s BA degrees in Architecture and Environmental Design from Ball State University in Indiana led to an interest in the visual arts. Bent furthered his studies to include to an MA in photography from Ball State in 2004, and an MFA from the University of Washington in 2008.
Eavesdropper detail

Eavesdropper, 2009

In collaboration with Gala Bent

Mixed Media

The colloquial word eavesdropper conjures up a great picture of a neighbor or family member so curious about your business that they would hang from the very eaves of your house, straining to hear the conversation inside. Madison Park Tully’s, the site for our installation, is a cauldron of social activity. It is nearly impossible NOT to eavesdrop on nearby conversations. Zack and Gala Bent have played up this element of the neighborhood coffee shop by creating outposts where the imagined collective conversation of the space can be gathered, funneled and filtered into the actual eaves of the building.

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