Tamara Codor

Tamara Codor Portrait 2013

Tamara Codor was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She studied classical painting throughout high school and then moved to the Loire Valley, France, to study. In France, Tamara attended a yearlong intensive master painting class where she fine-tuned her classical drawing and painting skills. Upon returning to the States, she attended SUNY New Paltz where she got her degree in Scenic Design and Technical Theater. After graduating, she moved to Argentina to paint and travel. Tamara moved to Seattle where she set up her own art classes, teaching private lessons as well as group figure drawing classes. Recently Tamara founded Codor Design, a furniture design studio.

Tamara Codor Human Nature

Human Nature, 2009

Charcoal on paper

Tamara’s charcoal drawing of a life size tree trunk with roots shows her inate ability, and classical training. The anthropomorphic tree is realistically rendered while showing signs of human qualities.

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