Stephen Rock


Stephen Rock has over 40 years of art making experience, exploring many mediums including site-specific installations, sculpture, and pioneering digital works. Growing up in Eastern Washington, his work often reflects the materials and influences of the Pacific Northwest. While exhibiting in the region and beyond, Rock runs a fine art digital printmaking studio, Rock’s Studio, in West Seattle with his wife and two cats in the garden.

Brush Pile Stephen Rock

Brush Pile, 2010

Wood, paint

Carved from local logs, Brush Pile refers to the long held practice of calligraphy and writing by hand.   In our fast-paced society where words are mostly written on a computer keyboard, Brush Pile reminds us of the tools used in the past to write or draw.

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Restoration Collaboration

Restoration Collaboration: Vessel, 2009

In collaboration with Nichole DeMent

reclaimed wood, mixed media

Using reclaimed and recycled materials, Stephen Rock and Nichole DeMent co-created Restoration Collaboration. The boat shaped sculpture that projects through the walls into the outdoors of McGilvra’s Resturant.  Restoration Collaboration, includes photographic images on clear vinyl depicting water and sea images.

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