Stephanie Ashby

Stephanie Ashby

Born in California and raised in Okinawa, Stephanie Ashby was introduced from an early age to appreciate the insects, plants and animals in the island’s bamboo forests. Ashby snorkeled in the Okinawa reefs with her parents, and visited shrines, tombs, temples and formal gardens, all of which influenced her artwork. The people, nature and history of Okinawa remain a strong influence, as do her studies of microbiology, botany, and zoology in both formal and conceptual aspects of her work. Ashby moved to Seattle in 1988 and attended the University of Washington where she earned a BFA in sculpture.

Stephanie Ashby Low Friction

Low Friction, 2009

Mixed Media

The natural processes that lead to the patterns and shapes in nature are of particular interest to Stephanie. Underlying this is an emphasis on the space that exists within a structure, and the forces that determine the properties of this space.  Low Friction, used cut-outs to produce patterns and images, drawn from nature, yet placed inside a frame shop, framing the pieces themselves.

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