Nichole DeMent

Seattle, WA

Nichole DeMent has worked in the arts for over two decades as an artist, educator, and cultural producer. In addition to creating and teaching, she empowers contemporary artists with exhibition and career opportunities while advancing contemporary art and culture in the Pacific NW through leadership roles such as Executive & Artistic Director for CoCA (Center on Contemporary Art) in Seattle from 2012-2020. DeMent’s personal artwork in traditional photographic mediums and avant-garde mixed media encaustic processes has received numerous awards and reviews, and been featured in publications such as Encaustic Arts Magazine, PhotoMedia, and Miroir Magazine. Her work is collected in varied private and public collections, including Swedish Hospital’s Art Collection, musical CDs, and book covers (“Daughters of the Air” by Anca Szilagyi). Her work can also be found in Seattle Art Museum’s SAM Gallery.


Window Art Project

September 12 - October 4, 2009

MadArt was founded in 2009 to produce its inaugural exhibition, The Window Art Project. This collection of temporary art installations enlivened retail storefronts in Seattle’s Madison Park neighborhood, from which MadArt’s name originates. This project was made possible by 18 merchants who offered their valuable window space to 19 local...

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