Laura Ward

Laura Ward
Laura Ward’s work is a reaction to the physical, emotional and historical presence of abandoned houses. She is interested in the many forms a house takes on; a box, a shelter, a home, a memory, an aging shell. To Laura each space contains patterns existing in both the architecture and decorations. Peeling away one layer often reveals a new design or texture beneath. Born in New Hampshire, Laura received her BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA. with a concentration in glass and sculpture, and her BFA from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, IL.

Skin, 2011

Latex rubber

Skin was created by molding the exterior of one of the soon to be demolished Mad Homes using latex rubber.  the latex was applied and later peeled from the house, cut, rearranged, and sewn together to from a “skin” of the original structure, which was then hung over a miniature armature of the house.  The material captures the memory of each door, window and shingle in the stains, and textures it peels from the house.

360 view Mad Homes

Panoramic Photo by © Bradford Bohonus

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Dissolve, 2009

Cast Rubber

Laura likes the play of inside/outside and working with non-traditional materials presented in unexpected locations. For her MadArt Window piece, Dissolve, Laura transformed an old wallpaper pattern into a translucent curtain where the pattern dissolves into a play of foreground and background. The pattern, once covering interior walls, now hangs outside and creates a semi-transparent barrier to the space behind it.

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