Larry Naylor

Larry Naylor

Larry Naylor was born in Seattle,WA. He is a sculpture, bicycle mechanic, photographer, carpenter and potter. He received a BA in Economics/Politcal Science from Pacific Lutheran University, Seattle, WA.

Molecular Split

Molecular Split, 2009

Ceramic, wood and steel

Larry Naylor is a sculptor who draws on his technical experiences as a bicycle mechanic/frame builder, carpenter and potter.  Molecular Split combines wood, clay and steel in a kinetic sculptures that is meant to be touched.

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One Minute Egg

One Minute Egg, 2009


One Minute Egg is greatly influenced by Larry Naylors early exposure to the 1950s, 60s, and 70s space programs, science fiction movies and westerns. His spacemorphic form pair the fantastic imaginings of his youth with that of his rural Western Washington upbringing.

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