Julia Freeman

Julia Freeman
Julia received a BA from Roanoke College and attended the Kansas City Art Institute and the University of Helsinki, Finland. She graduated from the University of Washington with an MFA in fibers. Her work blends printmaking, collage, painting and drawing. Her experience with textiles and fibers heavily influences her process and material choices.

Act 42: Prophecies and Premonitions Julia Freeman

Act 42: Prophecies and Premonitions, 2009

Tar paper, tracing paper, photographs, contact paper, wood and string

Julia’s collage is a series of small silhouettes  that combine the evolution of machines, animals, flags, weaponry, and technology. The “old and new” of technology and machinery are used to show both the differences and the consistencies in development over time. Julia positions these hybrid creatures at different distances and in awkward situations to create an unknown relationship. The “stage” setting in the window mimics an environment in which the viewers become the audience.

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