Evan Blackwell

Photo: Andrew Pogue

Evan Blackwell came to Seattle from New Rochelle, New York. in 1999, he completed a Fine Arts degree with a ceramics focus from Alfred University in New York and earned his Master of Fine Arts degree in 2008 from the University of Washington. His works range from small, functional objects to site-specific public installations, which are inspired by the process of reclamation in the form of growth, decay, and renewal over time. With his early training in ceramics, the thread that connects his background in craft with his current studio practice is an abiding fascination with materials. In addition to his studio art practice, he currently teaches visual arts at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington.

Relics of Experience, 2014


Relics of Experience is located outside the Burke Museum in order to inspire a dialogue of inquiry and wonder about collecting as it relates to nature, history, and living experience. The piece is made up of a series of ceramic boxes that are filled with responses to and representations of various artifacts from the Burke’s collection.

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Collection, Compulsion, Consumption

Collection, Compulsion, Consumption, 2009

Plastic, Ceramic, Aluminum, Glass

The centerpiece of Collection, Compulsion, Consumption is a lens made from over 40,000 plastic straws.  It is flanked by two busts made from melted plastic cups, and the entire storefront window is framed by ceramic mugs that read “Smile and Happiness”.

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