Cameron Anne Mason

Cameron Anne Mason

Cameron Mason’s artwork explores surface design on fabric. She is largely self-taught, experimenting in her studio to find successful methods. This practice led her to create fine art for the gallery, celebration art for performance, and interactive installations. Cameron, who teaches regularly at Pratt Fine Arts Center, works toward creating a sense of place and time with site-specific installations.

Cameron Anne Mason, The Act of Becoming

The Act of Becoming, 2009

Hand-dyed, screen-printed, and stitched fabrics

Cameron Anne Mason combines her love of working with fabric with her aptitude for creating in three-dimensions in her MadArt piece.  The figure is used to explore that which is seen and that which is kept close to the skin.  The intentional siting of this work in Ann Marie Lingerie places the installation in context, and displays what is often hidden, the dreams and inner support that are only hinted at on the surface. The fabric for this installation was created through breakdown printing, a silk-screen process that changes with each print. Hand patterning, forming, and stitching complete the pieces that form the installation.

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