Each and Every, June 25 - August 31, 2019

Each and Every
by Beili Liu

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Open Studio*: June 25 – July 11  (Tuesday – Friday, 12 – 5 pm)
*artwork under construction; studio open to the public
Opening Reception: Thursday, July 11 (5pm)
Exhibition Period: July 12 – August 31
(Tuesday – Saturday, 10am – 5pm & Saturday, 12 – 5pm)

MadArt Studio proudly presented Each and Every, an installation and performance by Austin-based artist Beili Liu. Through her practice, Liu subjects commonplace materials to unorthodox processes, extrapolating complex cultural narratives around the trauma associated with migration and diaspora. In her first major Seattle exhibition, she created an expanse of hundreds of articles of children’s clothing flattened and preserved by industrial cement and positioned just inches above the ground. Thousands of lines of thread which were partially coated in cement hung from the ceiling, hovering slightly over the vast plane of clothing. Additional tension was added through dichotomies within her materials and concepts: lightness and heft, malleability and firmness, fragility and strength.

This installation was Liu’s direct response to the atrocities inflicted on migrant children and their families at the southern border crossing of the United States. As the title and work suggest, Each and Every called attention back to the individual experiences of these children and their families, generating space for empathy and understanding. Liu also incorporated several performances into her Open Studio period, using the repetitive acts of cutting and resewing cloth to explore cultural ideas of feminine labor. These performances took place alongside her physical installation, July 9 – 11 (details above).

Each and Every included an original sound composition by Ohio-based musician and sound artist Chris Westhoff.