Backdrop, July 30 - September 3, 2015

Through a partnership between MadArt and the Seattle Art Fair, Julie Alpert worked at MadArt Studio from June 17 to September 3 to create the site-specific installation, Backdrop. This artwork was part of the Seattle Art Fair’s off-site installation program, Experiments: Pure Research.

Using improvisation and taking cues from set-design, textiles, and patterns in nature, Julie’s work explores avoidance, nostalgia, and how we divide and decorate our domestic spaces. With the help of volunteers, Julie created a multi-part installation that responded to the skylights and other architectural features of MadArt Studio. Suspended, floor-bound, and free-standing, materials included wood, paint, vinyl, paper, tape, cardboard, and found objects that acted to cover and reveal small moments of mystery, humor, and illusion. This project was a continuation of Splat!, Julie’s recent solo show and residency at Clark College that contemplated the difference between a real drip and the representation of one.