February 4 – April 22, 2017


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LET’S, the art team comprising Peter Lynch, Courtney Barnebey, and Andy Arkley, inhabited MadArt Studio in the spring of 2017, creating an environment of multisensory stimulation through their exhibition titled WE. Built with an array of playful neon sculptures and objects, WE was a collaborative, immersive, interactive installation that included light and sound. Visitors used control panels to trigger musical sequences that were synchronized to lights and video. Depending on the combination of buttons pressed, a different song and visual sequence was produced. Children and adults alike were offered an unexpected moment of joy after creating their own audiovisual compositions.

The goal of WE was to create positive interactions among the people who engaged with it. The artists are all former band members whose musical aptitude played into a variety of soundscapes implemented into the installation.


Kinetic Wonderland

March 24, 2017

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Video by James Harnois & Andy Arkley
Photo by James Harnois