Dream the Combine
Clayton Binkley

Open Studio

September 24 – October 17, 2019

Exhibition Period

October 18 – December 7, 2019


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Inspired by the juxtaposition of public and private spaces, Lure explored the interplay of light, people, and the architectural environment of MadArt Studio. By bringing the installation directly up to the open front sliding doors, this exhibition encouraged visitors to seamlessly move from the exterior street to the interior building, meandering through fragmented and overlapping passages. Through cantered thoroughfares and nuanced enclosures, the work attempted to engage visitors’ acute awareness and destabilize their perception of space as they navigated through it.

The structure — both object and environment, lure and trap — consisted of hovering pathways formed by a lattice of steel supports and varied opacities of mesh debris netting, expanding out across the building’s façade and shrouding it entirely. This immersive, looping circulatory system encouraged exploration, curiosity, and reciprocal engagement between the form and its audiences.

Minnesota-based duo Dream the Combine has collaborated with Seattle-based Clayton Binkley on a number of projects, drawing inspiration from theatrical scenography and its relationship to narrative, image, space, and experience. In Lure, the artists used their backgrounds in art, engineering, and architecture to engage with issues of access, observation, and spatial demarcation within Seattle’s rapidly changing urban context.

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Exhibition video by Amos Morgan
Photo by James Harnois
Lure, film (2020) by Dream the Combine in collaboration with Isaac Gale for the installation "Lure" (2019) by Dream The Combine and Clayton Binkley
Cornish College Dance interactive performance with Lure