W. Scott Trimble

WST headshot
Photo by James Harnois, 2020

W. Scott Trimble’s formative years played out in an artistic and musical household in Santa Cruz, California. Most of the time he was left to his own devices and had a fiercely independent spirit. Early on and with limited resources, he began to forge his creativity by way of drawing and building models. Sometime after that he expanded to working on bicycles and cars, playing music, carpentering, and so forth. Once he understood that he could create artwork with a message, he became more interested in other materials and processes. Through the physicality of working with these various mediums, Trimble is able to interpret and communicate with the world. It is his intention to produce art that is accessible, and interactive, and that facilitates personal narrative. Trimble has been living and working in Seattle since 2001.

Wave Sine, 2014


Scott chose to use the image of a wooden pathway to illustrate the various concepts of travel over vast distances. The curves and bends refer to the frequencies and curvature of our universe and how light and matter travel through space. The undulating form moving from an ascending to descending “sign-wave” illustrates this idea of the ridiculous distances traveled by way of “folding space” as well as referencing the various frequencies of matter and light. Some refer to “folding space” as a “wormhole”, and Scott is fascinated by the image of folding something that is vacuous, expansive and theoretically a means of traveling insurmountable distances.

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