W. Scott Trimble

Seattle, WA

W. Scott Trimble’s formative years played out in an artistic and musical household in Santa Cruz, California. Most of the time he was left to his own devices and had a fiercely independent spirit. Early on and with limited resources, he began to forge his creativity by way of drawing and building models.  Sometime after that he expanded to working on bicycles and cars, playing music, carpentering, and so forth. Once he understood that he could create artwork with a message, he became more interested in other materials and processes. Through the physicality of working with these various mediums, Trimble is able to interpret and communicate with the world. It is his intention to produce art that is accessible, and interactive, and that facilitates personal narrative. Trimble has been living and working in Seattle since 2001.

Photo by James Harnois


Mad Campus

September 13 - October 25, 2014

From September 13 to October 25, 2014, the University of Washington welcomed MadArt’s latest public art installation, Mad Campus, onto its grounds. In this exhibition, 12 temporary, site-specific works by 13 artists were displayed in various outdoor locations on the UW campus. Inspired by their locations, from hidden nooks to...

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