Troy Gua

Troy Gua by Daniel Carrillo
photo by Daniel Carrillo, 2011

Troy Gua was born and raised in Seatac, Washington. He prolifically and consistently produces accessible and engaging pop-inflected conceptual work in a wide range of media, marrying commercial to contemporary with a glossy design aesthetic and a keen wit. His subject matter deals with iconography, identity, cultural critique, and the universal need for recognition.

Chrysalis Troy Gua

Chrysalis (Contents May Shift In Transit), 2011

“Chrysalis (Contents May Shift In Transit)” addresses the themes of commerce, commodity and consumption with the conversion of the doomed house  into a product, a package ready for shipment.  On another level, the piece is designed to represent a cocoon, a place of warmth and protection, a place of transformation, development, and rebirth.

360 view Mad Homes

Panoramic Photo by © Bradford Bohonus

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