Tory Franklin

Tory Portrait

Tory Franklin received her BFA from Cornish College of the Arts in 2000 and her MFA from Rutgers University in 2007. She has fabricated local, site-specific works for Storefronts Seattle, Sound Transit, The VERA Project, Spaceworks Tacoma, McCaw Hall and Gallery 4Culture. Franklin is also a 2012 Artist Trust GAP grant recipient. She enjoys creating narrative installations which combine drawing and print in public settings. In addition to managing the drawing studio at Cornish, Franklin taught screen printing at The VERA Project and also volunteered for the Short Run small press festival in Seattle.

Six Swans, 2014

Wood, PVC, Paint, Ink

Tory has created life-sized puppets based on the story of the “Six Swans”. Six princes have been turned into swans by their hateful stepmother. In order to free them, their sister must make six shirts for them and must not speak for six years. One day, a neighboring King is taken by her beauty and marries her, but once she has given birth to their first child, the King’s own wicked mother steals the child and accuses the mute Queen of treachery. Eventually, since she cannot speak in her own defense, the King gives in and the Queen is sentenced to be burned at the stake. On the day of her execution, she finished making the shirts for her brothers. She takes them with her to the stake and just as she is about to be burned, the six years expire and six swans come flying through the air. She throws the shirts over her brothers and they regain their human form. The Queen, now free to speak, defends herself against the accusations. Her mother-in-law is burned at the stake instead of her, everyone lives happily ever after.

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