Seth Friedman

Seth portrait

Born in Manchester, Connecticut, Seth Friedman was the unexpected third of triplets. He has no formal art training, but uses formative experiences from his childhood to influence his work. He aims to reframe the role of public art in modern society. In 2013, he carved a piece of ancient Persian Travertine marble into a 5-foot-tall pinkish “greeter” figure on a pedestal set in Victor Steinbrueck Park. Amidst scenic vistas, totem poles and the transient crowd, Friedman create an unexplained, temporary, mysterious focal point, like a stick in a river. He doesn’t know where his forms come from or what they mean. They feel like mysteries to him, and all he knows is when to stop.

The Legend of Jerry Roundtree, 2014

Wood, Stone

To make the experience of personal development visible, this installation seeks to build an encampment to a mythological figure named “Jerry Roundtree”. Comprised of basic elements of living (seat, bed, outhouse, burial forms, etc) and appropriating the base of Newman’s Broken Obelisk, the piece pays homage to the varied history of exploration, ownership, settlement, and expansion that have shaped our region. In the present day, encampments are almost exclusively associated with something negative. By formally situating marble sculptures in shack materials (plywood), Seth hopes to reframe this construct.

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