Sam Stubblefield

Seattle, WA

Sam Stubblefield combines traditional artistic mediums with architecture, film, sound, live data, and things digital, with the self-described goal of creating a more interesting life for anyone that happens to come across his work. He also uses his work to explore how everyday life connects to natural and unnatural phenomena, and how human behaviors connect to specific possible futures. Stubblefield has created installations for Amazon, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, London Olympics and Centre Pompidou. Stubblefield is also an instructor at Experience Institute, the instigator of the NOT ART organization, a musician and founder of a future-focused incubator with an interest in the internet as a material within fine art and architecture.


Portfolio of Possibilities

April 1 - August 27, 2016

Through Portfolio of Possibilities, MadArt Studio was reconfigured as a laboratory. In this exhibition, the team of Amie McNeel, Mark Zirpel, and Sam Stubblefield experimented with different materials and investigated the dynamic relationship between oceanic and celestial themes. The studio became a multisensory and multidisciplinary exploration of buoyancy, gravity, kinetics,...

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