Perri Howard

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Perri Lynch Howard received her MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2001. Her work is a charting or mapping of sites and situations expressed through painting, drawing, sculpture, and sound. Subtle qualities of landscape are combined with symbols, maps, and icons to convey the complexity of real-world experience, inviting unique yet shared emotional responses. She has always worked with this orientation – the search for her own felt sense of place, and that of others. Sound is an intensely engaging, yet often overlooked, component of landscape and space. Over time, Howard awakened to this spatial force, integrating audio components with visual art to create installations that work in concert with the outside world. Howard has completed site-specific installations in Covas Do Rio (Portugal), Berlin, Germany, New Brunswick (Canada), the Amazon rainforest, Civita Di Bagnoregio (Italy), and in South India as a Fulbright Scholar.

By Degrees, 2014

Fabric, PVC

Perri wants to creatively engage the campus community through a dynamic, wind-activated artwork that cultivates a sense of clarity, focus, and perspective, while calling into question the place where one stands. The title, By Degrees, invokes the academic sense of the word and also the stages, levels, and points that one may traverse in the course of a lifetime. Metaphorically, this speaks to how one may embark on their education, choose a career, or simply decide where to go from here. Sometimes we feel as if we’ve been blown off course, only to be suddenly presented with clear paths we know are ours to be traveled.

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