Paul Komada

Paul Portrait

Paul Komada was born in Seattle but spent his formative years in Japan, including three years working at a Buddhist temple as a monk. He received a BFA in painting from the University of Washington, followed by a MFA in painting from the University of Pennsylvania. He is fascinated with reworking his own compositions, making installations, painting, and honing his craft. Komada believes his deep admiration of Western culture and desire to be assimilated has driven his fascination with the subject, and enjoys knitting pieces together to communicate feelings of warmth and care.

Global Bloblem, 2014


The intention behind this work is to bring complex issues, such as globalism, climate change, and international strife into the audience’s consciousness without being overtly didactic and heavy-handed. The sculpture is made out of the national flags of many countries. The upper part represents the top 10 worst contributors of greenhouse-gasses in the next decade, while the lower portion is formed by the flags of the 10 countries most affected by the problem. Paul’s desire is to make an elegant and simple landmark charged with a serious issue facing all of us today.

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