Meg Hartwig

Seattle, WA

Meg Hartwig is a visual artist, educator, carpenter, and justice activist based in Seattle, Washington. Her work questions constructs of power and control that enforce personal, sociocultural, and ecological imbalances. She uses the art-making process as an active and urgent attempt to create a movable fulcrum, one that cooperatively draws attention, investigation, and awareness. Hartwig’s work merges formal training of finely-crafted ceramic objects and illustrations with installation and experimental approaches to process and material. Specific place, space, and material context are often integral to her practice.

Hartwig has been hammering away since 2001 at a multitude of meaningful Sisyphean endeavors while creating and showing work locally and nationally. Along with her visual practice, she is an adjunct professor in studio art and collaboratively drives a small nonprofit, Sawhorse Revolution, which strives to foster confident, community-oriented youth through the power of carpentry and craft.


Mad Homes

July 16 - August 7, 2011

Prior to salvage and redevelopment, a group of five neighboring homes in Seattle’s North Capitol Hill neighborhood were used by selected artists to create temporary, site-specific installations. Participants were free to use both the interior and exterior spaces of the homes, and had the unusual opportunity to cut into walls,...

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