Kevin McCarthy

Kevin Portrait

Kevin McCarthy is a Pacific Northwest artist who works in an array of media. He grew up in the wooded suburbs of Chicago and attended the Kansas City Art Institute, receiving his BFA in painting and printmaking in 1988. In the mid-2000s, he shifted away from painting and began to explore and embrace digital and sculptural mediums. In 2009, through the Art in Great Spaces residency program, he created Gyre Nest, a six-week installation in an Everett storefront where he fabricated an albatross carcass out of cardboard. Whether he is drawing on his mobile device, painting, or making cardboard constructions and lenticular collages, McCarthy sees his practice as a full and natural expression as himself as an artist.

Sentinel, 2014

Cardboard, Holographic Vinyl

The Sentinel is a symbolic guard of imagination and curiosity; its form and conceptual roots draw from science, art and pop culture. It is intentionally imposing, but also intriguing, reflecting society’s challenge of finding an equilibrium between privacy, safety, freedom and technology.

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