Kathleen Warren


Kathleen Warren was born and raised in South Carolina. She is the director at Urban ArtWorks, a 19-year-old non-profit that creates murals with juvenile offenders. Warren believes that public art can not only change young lives but can also restore communities and define a city.

Charred from across Westlake Ave.


In collaboration with Jon Gentry & Kat Larson

A collaborative, multimedia piece by Kathleen Warren and Jon Gentry, with contributing artist Kat Larson, Charred is a burned and etched wood-paneled wall with a video component. Following the traditional Japanese wood preservation practice of Shou-sugi-ban, the wood is burned, cleaned with water, then oiled. Just as fire allows room for new growth, these singed cedar panels mark the building’s renewal. Tree rings are etched into the panels, recalling the past lives of the building and surrounding neighborhood. A bright green color behind the boards alludes to the burgeoning life of the space. Adding to the experience, visitors can view a video through a knothole in the tree rings.

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