Julia Chamberlain

Julia Portrait 2

Julia Chamberlain will receive a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Washington’s 3D4M Sculpture and Glass program and a Bachelor of Science in Human Centered Design & Engineering in 2015. She has spent time as a design intern at CoCo Communications, Accenture, and Infosys. Her artwork is inspired by the physical qualities of light traveling through glass and the interface between people and objects. Julia was recently selected as one of the recipients of the 2014 Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award from the International Sculpture Center in Hamilton, New Jersey.

luxportrait - from Julia

Lux Sit, 2014

Neon Tubes

Lux Sit consists of neon tubes attached to fifteen clustered trees in the grove adjacent to Cunningham Hall. This action brings light to a previously darkened place, highlights the existing unique environment, and changes the angle, color, diffusion, and placement of light within the space.

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