Jennifer Angus


Jennifer Angus is a professor in the design studies department at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. For the past decade, she has created internationally-shown installations composed of insects pinned to walls in repeating patterns, mimicking textiles or wallpaper. Her work aims to create a discordant, childlike wonder about these familiar, quotidian patterns combined with the unfamiliar arrangement of real insect specimens, mostly farmed and reused. Her exhibition, A Terrible Beauty, at the Textile Museum of Canada was selected as exhibition of the year by the Ontario Association of Art Galleries in 2006. She also completed an installation for Wonder at the reopening of The Smithsonian American Art Museum’s Renwick Gallery in Washington D.C., alongside previous MadArt artist John Grade (Middle Fork, 2015).

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Super Natural, 2017


From June through October, 2017, MadArt presented Super Natural by artist Jennifer Angus, a professor in the Design Studies department at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Working with real insect specimens (mostly farmed and reused), Angus transformed MadArt Studio into a floor-to-ceiling menagerie of kaleidoscopic patterns. What appeared at first to be familiar wallpaper designs upon closer look revealed their unexpected composition. Super Natural was intended to be a temple to nature. Angus believes that a sacred space can be comforting, exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time, and she aimed to create an environment that inspired astonishment, contemplation, learning, and preservation.

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