Jason Puccinelli

Jason Puccinelli & Elizabeth Potter

Jason Puccinelli was born in San Andreas, CA. He started painting in elementary school, finding joy in depiciting birds and the natural world. He studied painting and fine art at the San Francisco Academy of Art.

Philtering interior stair detail

Nude Descending Stairs, 2011

In collaboration with Elizabeth Potter Puccinelli


The 2-dimensional image of Nude Descending Stairs looks 3-dimensional when standing in the house doorway. Step a few feet in either direction, and the painting distorts, but when lined up at a specific vantage point, it reads perfectly.

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Philtering, 2011

In collaboration with Elizabeth Potter Puccinelli

Paint on glass globes

Using visual illusion and anamorphosis, Philtering depicts the theme of the nude reclining Venus, most popularized by Manet’s “Olympia”.  When entering the room, the painted globes do not immediately line up in a way that portrays a distinct image.  Only when the viewer occupies a specific vantage point is the image reconstituted.

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Rocket, 2010

Rocket is a fuselage that appears to have smashed into earth right in the middle of Cal Anderson Park.   The two-story projectile captured the imagination of park visitors, compelling them to draw close, wondering from what strange place did it arrive?

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