Henry Jackson-Spieker

Seattle, WA

Henry Jackson-Spieker is a multidisciplinary artist based in Seattle, WA. He focuses on sculpture and site-specific installations, combining glass, bronze, steel, wood, fiber, and light. In his sculptures, he explores tension, balance and reflection through the merging of contrasting materials, while his installations examine how society and community utilize and influence physical environment by disrupting viewers’ perceptions of space.

Jackson-Spieker received his BFA from Western Washington University (WA) and his MFA from Alfred University (NY). His public art installations are featured in Seattle at Midtown Commons (collaboration with KT Hancock), The Seattle Center, Method Gallery, and Wa Na Wari Gallery. He also teaches glass blowing and bronze casting at Pratt Fine Arts Center where he first started working with glass.

photo by Mollie McKinley


Interstitial Volume

January 17 - April 1, 2023

In his exhibition Interstitial Volume, Seattle-based artist Henry Jackson-Spieker presented a series of installations that uniquely integrated themselves into the studio’s architecture. This sequence of works explored visitors’ physical and philosophical perceptions of space, inquiring how individualizing factors such as race, cultural upbringing, history, and education can impact the way...

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