Casey Curran

Casey Curran Portrait
Born in Washington State, Casey Curran graduated with a BFA from Cornish College of the Arts in 2006. A product of his upbringing, his architect father instilled an early understanding of how to interact with space. Curran gravitated to the theatrical world where he began designing sets. He designed and produced several sculptures and installations for Active with Implied Violence, an experimental and contemporary theater group that produced The Dorothy K., a 24-hour theater presentation in Vienna, Austria. Curran makes large-scale innovative sculpture and stage sets, often with multiple moving parts and interactive qualities.
Slant Casey Curran

Slant, 2010

wood, grass turf

Slant, is a structure of living grass mimicking the grass plot beneath it.  Its tilt from the ground invites viewers to interact, questioning their perception of solid space.

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