Casey Curran

Seattle, WA

Casey Curran received his BFA in painting and sculpture from Cornish College of the arts in 2006. He has completed several large-scale public works in partnership with Skanska Architects, MadArt, Facebook, Oculus Rift, and Security Properties. In 2010 and 2013, Curran was awarded the NY Sculpture Space residency twice, and has received multiple awards in artistic merit since. In 2008, Curran become a key collaborator in the internationally recognized performance art group Saint Genet developing large-scale interactive sets, which have been exhibited at The Guggenheim Museum in NY, The Kunsthalle Museum in Krems, Austria, Luminato Festival in Toronto, Canada, and Frye Art Museum in Seattle, WA. Curran is currently developing a series of works which explore our psychological relationship with nature.


Parable of Gravity

January 5 - April 17, 2021

In Parable of Gravity, Seattle-based artist Casey Curran combined elements of mythology, science, and religion to foster a conversation around humanity’s goals and visions for future on earth. The installation consisted of several large sculptural elements, enveloping visitors in an otherworldly kinetic landscape that appeared to emerge from a series of crumbling...

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MadArt in the Park

August 12 - September 12, 2010

MadArt in the Park continued MadArt’s mission to support emerging artists in the community. Seattle’s Cal Anderson Park in Capitol Hill served as the backdrop for six innovative, outdoor art installations. The project focused on the interactive nature of sculpture in public spaces and the artists were chosen to make...

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