Amanda Manitach

Amanda Manitach

Amanda Manitach grew up in Texas. She attended Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, OK where she received a BA in Literature. She is an artist, arts writer, and the curator at Seattle University’s Hedreen Gallery.

a strange daydream Amanda Manitach

a strange daydream, deprived of all thickness, 2011

slide projector and slides

“a strange daydream, deprived of all thickness” lifts a phrase found in Gaston Bachelard’s Poetics of Space in which Bachelard considers the quality of different spaces (rooms) in a house to furnish an archive for memory and safe haven for dreams. The installation incorporates use of multiple automated slide projectors: providing a means of tampering with rhythmic time, duration, and induced states of reverie.

Texts from various sources are broken down and projected word by word, in effect wallpapering the wall with an ever-dissolving collage of phrases.  These new phrases are formed independently of the original content, displaying an ever changing combinations of words.

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