Alyson Piskorowski

Alyson Piskorowski Portrait

Alison Piskorowski graduated from Middlebury College in 1996 with highest honors in Studio Arts and a concentration in biochemistry, followed by a masters in Landscape Architecture from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design. She then earned her Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture and Public Art at the University of Washington in Seattle. Alyson’s work often concentrates on the manipulation of light and shadow. While her installations are geometric in form, her sensitivity to transparency and reflection create a subtle atmosphere. She is a recipient of the Davis Endowed Fellowship in Art and has created site-specific installations for SpaceWorks in downtown Tacoma, Washington and for Seattle Storefronts in the International District of Seattle, Washington.

Alyson - James Harnois

Untitled, 2014

Metal, Mylar

The piece is a geometric construction comprised of an internal structure overlaid with Mylar strips. The form of the work is derived from the geometry of the space. By using a reflective material, the piece will interact with both its immediate surroundings and with sunlight, creating an interactive experience for those who view it.

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