Allyce Wood

Seattle, WA

Allyce Wood received her MFA from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO) in 2018 and her BFA from Cornish College of Art in 2010. Her studies also include Environmental Sculpture at the Glasgow School of Art in 2009 and Digital Jacquard Tapestry KUNO at the University of Bergen in 2018. Wood uses digital and handmade processes to make installations, paper works, and textiles with a focus on digital Jacquard tapestries. To her, the loom acts as a mediator between traditional and computerized technologies, offering a unique way to combine her online and offline experiences into images in cotton and wool. She has exhibited internationally, including solo and group shows in the Pacific Northwest, Glasgow, Milan, Caracas, and Oslo. Her work has been featured in New American Painting, The Stranger, and The Makers Podcast (USA), and reviewed by Kunstkritikk, Subject, and Dagsvisen (Norway). Wood is the gracious recipient of the City Artist Award, 4Culture GAP Grant, and City Art Walk Award. She received the Stipend for Emerging Artists, 2018 from Arts Council Norway and the 1-Year Artist Grant from Visual Artist Fun (BKH), Oslo in 2020.


Mad Homes

July 16 - August 7, 2011

Prior to salvage and redevelopment, a group of five neighboring homes in Seattle’s North Capitol Hill neighborhood were used by selected artists to create temporary, site-specific installations. Participants were free to use both the interior and exterior spaces of the homes, and had the unusual opportunity to cut into walls,...

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