Super Natural

Super Natural
by Jennifer Angus

Exhibit: May 22nd – October 14th*
*The artist will be constructing the installation at MadArt Studio from May 22nd-July 30th. As always, the public is welcome and encouraged to stop by to witness the artwork in progress.

Currently by appointment, or ring the doorbell.

From June through October, 2017, MadArt will host artist Jennifer Angus, a professor in the Design Studies department at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Working with real insect specimens (mostly farmed and reused), Angus will transform MadArt Studio into a floor-to-ceiling menagerie of kaleidoscopic patterns. What appear at first to be familiar wallpaper designs will upon closer look reveal their unexpected composition. Super Natural is intended to be a temple to nature. Angus believes that a sacred space can be comforting, exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time and she aims to turn MadArt Studio into a place to astonish, to contemplate, to learn, and to preserve.