Mad Campus, September 13th - October 25th, 2014

From September 13th – October 25th 2014, the University of Washington will welcome MadArt’s newest public art installation onto its campus.  For Mad Campus, temporary, site-specific works will be displayed in various outdoor locations on the grounds of the University.  Inspired by their location, from hidden nooks to well frequented vistas, the selected artists will create new sculptures designed to be interactive. During the initial period of the exhibit, students and visitors can witness the sculptures as they are created or installed,  giving them a window into the world of art making.  The Henry Gallery and the Burke Museum are also planning to participate.  Mad Campus will continue MadArt’s tradition of bringing art to the public through innovative and surprising installations. Besides providing artists with a unique opportunity to make new works, Mad Campus hopes to bring the public onto the University of Washington’s Seattle campus. UW students can get involved through School of Art curricula and internships.

Installation Period: August 30 – September 12, 2014
Exhibition period: September 13 – October 25, 2014
Deinstallation: October 26 – 28, 2014