Working Time Agreement Glasgow

The right to leave for part-time and long-term workers, including public holidays and “other days,” is proportionate to their contractual hours. For more information on the options available, including opt-out, please visit the Pensions Department on `44 (0)141 330 5366 or e-mail This is our collective privilege and opportunity to work together to ensure the future success of the university, and I look forward to working with you to make this goal a reality. A night worker is anyone who, as part of his normal work, works at night at least three hours a night or according to a collective or labour agreement. The night time is either the period between 11 .m. and 6 .m, or, if there is an agreement to that effect, the period set out in this agreement. When a period is indicated, it must be between midnight and 5 a.m. Staff are paid at least four hours at an hourly rate of up to eight hours over a 24-hour period. The hourly rate applied depends on the nature of the call-out work performed, which may differ from the person`s relevant organization. Staff participating in voluntary appeal agreements are paid for a maximum period of travel. Travel expenses are not reimbursed. As a new collaborator at the university, you are now part of this legacy, of that great historical sweep that brought Glasgow to this place and into the era – one of the great, large-scale, research-intensive civic universities in the UK.

The vision of our indulgence lives today, and we have an exciting and dynamic university to move forward. Officers should be entitled to annual leave during the year of leave in which they were taken. No payment is made instead of an unutilized leave. Staff may, with the agreement of their director of the school institute/research/university service, submit a maximum of five days off for the following year (as a result for part-time workers). If, due to exturing circumstances, officers are not able to benefit from their full right to leave, claims for recovery are not unjustifiably dismissed. The period of leave submitted must be taken or cancelled by March 31. Staff may request unpaid leave for personal or professional development opportunities for a period of time. 5 time concepts 5 hours of collegial contract duration per work week 5 hours of college time per work week of 35 hours real or real time – time required for certain meetings Real or real time – Time for certain sessions Indicative time for certain activity sessions according to LNCT 17 – reached by professional audit indicative time for activities according to LNCT 17 17 – through a professional audit reaches 195 hours per year – “annualization” 195 hours per year – “annualization” NotionalTime – Not enough Time Notional – Not Enough Time The university wants to promote and support a healthy and effective work environment, through an approach to alcohol support and rehabilitation, Drugs and/or drug addiction. College Support Librarians can help employees respond to specific requests for information in a specific academic discipline and provide information skills sessions to students online and in person. Learn more about the “Thematic Guide” link on the library`s homepage: Welcome to University.