Window Art Project, Madison Park

Instrumental Divide

September 12 –
October 4, 2009

MadArt established itself with its 2009 Window Art Project, a unique interplay between Northwest contemporary artists and the store owners in Seattle’s Madison Park. For this project, the merchants provided valuable storefront window space to display contemporary art installations. Nineteen Northwest artists were selected to create engaging and compelling artwork for the public to enjoy. MadArt wanted a head-turner experience. It approached the exhibit with the same intellectual rigor an art gallery or museum would expect, by pushing the boundaries of artistic expression specific to its location.

Bryan Ohno, Director of MadArt’s 2009 Window Art Project, brought long experience to the exhibition with his well-executed sculpture exhibits that ushered Milliman’s conviction into reality. Over the course of eight months, Ohno visited artists and studios to articulate the founder’s vision for the project, and to share and incubate ideas. “Artists appreciate an environment in which they feel safe,” says Ohno, “so they can push the boundaries of their artistic language freely. Creating this kind of atmosphere is the most important aspect of my job. It is absolutely essential to successfully bring creative arts to fruition.”