nGangulero, June 2015

Alejandro Guzmán was hosted in Seattle in an alliance between the Seattle Art Museum and MadArt. In MadArt’s studio, with the help of staff and volunteers, Alejandro created a family of nGangulero “performance sculptures”. These sculptures were designed to move from MadArt into spaces around Seattle, as part of events connected to Disguise: Masks and Global African Art, an exhibition on view at the Seattle Art Museum that summer.

Alejandro created performance sculptures that had an active life as catalysts. His artistic goal was to generate unexpected exchanges in the realm of everyday public spaces. These “creative misunderstandings” inspired an examination of human interaction with abstracted forms, ritualized actions, and the participants’ emotional and intellectual responses through the lens of their own personal histories and traditions. Alejandro directed the choreography and special effects for each of the performances, and oversaw the involvement of artists, families, and allies who gathered together to create the larger activation.

Within the Seattle Art Museum, Alejandro Guzmán’s The Fatalist was also on display in the Jacob Lawrence Gallery as part of the Disguise exhibition. Alejandro installed this sculpture along with a tapestry derived from his residency in Guatemala and a wall of preparatory drawings.

nGangulero Performance Sculptures will be created by Alejandro Guzmán and his assistants in June, 2015